WASHINGTON, D.C. Subway Musicians, and Performers of Public Spaces.


"Thank you for providing a glistening lifeboat for the flood of souls
among this urban titanic"
Anonymous, a note left by a New York patron.


Twenty-five years and counting, since the opening dedication ceremony performed by the
D.C. Youth Chorale, on the Washington Monument on a summer day in 1976
, and I was present.
The Metro-rail system began it's service to the public.
Musicians of the Washington area were elated at the possibilities of the new
venue to perform in, the same as the other cultured American cities.
As the New World Order initiative initiated by the now deceased President Ronald Reagan, and the creation
of the "War on Drugs" impacting the inner cities and giving the law-enforcement agencies unyielding powers for 
policy tactics on local citizenry
. The first victims were defense-less artists, economic refugees, and persons of entrepreneurial 
self-reliance, such as licensed street-vendors. 
The devastation of a deregulated free-economy of Washington, D.C's inner city will never recover.
A well conceived structure of  Apartheid design for the city and the services rationed by United States Congress.
The territory of Washington, D.C. has yet to yield itself as a governing entity.
That will mark a great day for the ancestors of this land who sacrificed for...?

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"Good morning folks. Please work of your smiles today...
and remember, that a smile is always in style"



Artisans of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area,
Capitol of the United States of America, would like to extend a welcome and
a greeting to the future participants, friends and relentless patrons of the

We are honored to participate in this ancient cultural practice,
resurrected in the spirit in which it first occurred.
The term "Troubadour" originated in Italy.
The great performers/musicians traveled to and from the great cities of old -
Rome, Amsterdam, London, Prague, Paris, Cologne, Munich, Barcelona, Lisbon, etc.

We in this new millennium we will continue this joy of human exchange
in this world-class city of Washington, D.C.
This ancient discipline has been revived and the struggle is on.

Given in the thought, this is a complicated society, it is necessary
to establish guidelines and policies of conduct, in order to
integrate with the complexities of this civilization.

Therefore, we have established rules that we hope will help provide
a platform for musician/performers to display their talents
in the public access areas of the city, as the Troubadours of past did.

Raycurt Lemuel Johnson, Founder 
Please circulate this document to all concerned parties
and share your views with us.

May 11 2001, Raycurt was arrested at the Friendship Heights Metro Station
Charged with panhandling, (Begging, Bumming, or Soliciting)
A trial date was set for April 4, 2007 9AM
Superior Court, Judiciary Square Washington, D.C. Nations Capitol. U.S.A.


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that's what cha get for being lovable...?...

the trial was DISMISSED!!! / NO CONTEST from the prosecution.

We hope this will be the final resolution of this 20-plus years of conflict
by and between the performing artists of America in the Capitol city
of the "Free World"

***We invite everyone to the cause***
The District of Columbia City Council has prohibited certain acts within
the confines of a Metrorail station.
The playing of any musical instrument (whether for the purpose
of soliciting donations or otherwise) in a Metrorail station is a violation
of D.C. Code Sec. 35-251(b)(5) (2001 ed.). T
the statute defines a Metrorail station to include the
fare-paid areas and any roofed areas of rail transit stations.
The Metro Authorities has expressed an interest to
create a program for the artists of the Washington area to
perform on the Metro Public Access Property.
We hope for a peaceful collaboration in spite of the contradiction
in behavior on their behalf.
We wish the Artisans much success, and due respect in the pursuit and 
future of "LIVE" music everywhere


Until the day the hate and war is gone maybe never,
and the Fiddla plays on...

CONTACT: raycurt.mc@googlemail.com

Mobile # 001/ 917 379 9094

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