2022 Calendar of Events:

As I prepare for the second event of "Rise & Remember", honoring the tragic murder of George Floyd. The nation recognizes the brutality in this culture of violence we all participate in. Awakened to what is needed to change this dynamic of oppression. All that I learned from my Grandma Alice is that if I see a way to correct it, it won't correct itself. If anything "Closed mouths don't get fed".

Pay your respect here in Minneapolis May 25-27

Join us Saturday at 4:30 pm

At the George Floyd Sqaure, 38th & Chicago Avenue

Brass Solidarity Band

Check us out


***Mr. Ray's Musik Klinik***


CFPA*Center for the Performing Arts

3754 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409

Group (small) music therapy and workshop.

Bring your instruments of choice and songs of aspirations

Monthly price package offered...for more information


Fiddlasbeat in Linden Hils Sundays and brunch Serenades porch side and a sidewalk patio comes again. 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM Harriet Brasserie 43rd & Upton 


ORGANIC: Cultural hub for Minneapolis and Yo Neighborhood

@REVERIE cafe, garden and stage

1517 East 35th Street Minneapolis, MN 44407


We are back at GeorgeFloydSquare for the foreseeable future. We’ll meet at CFPA based on weather or event schedule conflicts

Weekly Monday Meet-ups 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM



*Online Concert Performances. *ENJOY*

Viola Choir in Concert performing infamous Bach "Chaccone"

Viola Choir performance Belgian composer Hendrik Waelput   "Andante Cantabile" 
Esoteric BACH solo on the Viola



Music ministry*advocacy* this "Solidarity Tour", 

Humans racing towards a mantra of eternal LUV and RESPECT!

Respecting one another's pursuit of breathing.