2024 year of New Blue Sun Eclipse!

CABARET RAY jamming 4real acoustic series

Sunday June 23 Cabaret Ray

Sunday June 30 Cabaret Ray

43 & Upton Streets

11 AM-1:30 PM


SOOSHEE-Raw Moetry and Jams

Second Fridays, a monthly talent showcase...

Friday June 14, 7:00 PM

Just in time for a Fiddlabeat film. 

                   Center For Performing Arts -MLPS                           3754 Pleasant Avenue S.




Advocate /Practitioner therapeutic power of music. "Solidarity Tour", in conjunction with a Brass Solidarity Band BRASSolidarity The Music The Message The Movement Music to heal / Message to unite / Movement *towards a just nation. Music at the George Floyd Square Musician/activist Humans racing towards a mantra of RESPECT *ONELUV Fiddla plays on N on..Music as a passport to the world Universal healer-communicator



A pilgramage tour program has been established for those paying homage to George Floyd Memeorial and the SAYTHEIRNAMES cemetery. Families impacted by violence increases as this space, a zone of autonomy has become a platform people can express their grief.

 *Brassolidarity band at George Floyd Square Memorial*

Join us Mondays 4:30 pm till 6:00 pm

38th St & Chicago Avenue Minneapolis, MN

Brass Solidarity Band



@REVERIE cafe, garden and stage

1517 East 35th Street Minneapolis, MN 44407


*Online Concert Performances. *ENJOY*

Viola Choir in Concert performing infamous Bach "Chaccone"


Viola Choir performance Belgian composer Hendrik Waelput   "Andante Cantabile"


Esoteric BACH solo on the Viola



Music ministry*advocacy* this "Solidarity Tour", 

Humans racing towards a mantra of eternal LUV and RESPECT!

Respecting one another's pursuit of breathe.